When I was younger, my dad would always tell me,"You can always tell how hard a man works, by how dirty his hands are." I'm thankful for my hardworking man and best friend Shad whose hands are yes indeed, torn up and rough. Everyday I feel so blessed to be married to someone who works incredibly hard for our 5 crazy kids and myself. AND HE NEVER COMPLAINS (other than when I make him do photoshoots with me ;)). I read this one day and it's stuck with me since!

"I see you. I see everything you do for our family. Just know that all you do is not unrecognized. Quite the opposite, because everything you do for us just makes me love you all the more."

Do I have any other wives out there that feel this way too? I won't lie, I got a little emotional writing this because I'm just that thankful, plus I'm a mom! And if you're an emotional mom like me, you get it HAHA! 

For this week's shoot, I wanted to create something that captured both mine and Shad's personalities. I wanted fun, carefree, strong, but sophisticated all at the same time. We bought this red Chevy a few years back and I knew it needed to be in these photos! Even though there were multiple photos of Shad sticking his tongue out me and many silly faces/laughs, I will forever treasure these photos! 

Speaking of these photos, CHECK OUT the new jewelry we dropped today! These are some of the most unique pieces we've ever had! 

OUTFIT DETAILS: Dress: Nola Midi Dress from Revolve    Shoes: Free Bird 

Photos by: @tyandabba



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