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It's official... me, barbed wire fences and me trying to climb barbed wire fences don't mix. I'm pretty coordinated, I can walk in a straight line without falling over (usually). But climbing that fence in a dress, I have NEVER felt more UNCOORDINATED in my whole life! I did indeed rip a hole in the front of my dress, so I'm going to be putting my seamstress skills to the test later this week... I'll let you know how that goes. Memories, right?

Other than that, this shoot was absolute perfection. The lighting was perfect, the weather was amazing (NO WIND YAY!) and I'm pretty obsessed with all the amazing pieces we have launching this week! I know you guys are going to love everything we're dropping tomorrow! It's simple, chic and just like always, we've got something for everyone.

OUTFIT DETAILS: Dress-Top Shop   Belt-Barbosa

Photos by @tyandabba

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